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Team Fortress 2 teams up with Sleeping Dogs to bring you The Triad Pack


Normally when there’s a Team Fortress 2 promotional tie in, it’s just a few hats. If you’re lucky you might get an extra gun or two, but for the most part it’s just more hats for you to carefully place in your dedicated Hatdrobe, sorted by size, prestige and dashingness. Square Enix, publishers of Sleeping Dogs, have gone a step further to present you with The Triad Pack, all but a whole new update for Team Fortress 2. 

There’s eight new items, a mixture of cosmetic frivolities and deadly weapons, and you can get them all just by pre purchasing the Chinese Mafia infiltrate-em-up, which has had a bit of a rocky past, transferring publishers, changing name and eventually coming out looking actually quite good. The big news, though, is that even if you don’t pre purchase, you get the Kong King map, a new King of the Hill arena for you to show your friends who the real crime boss is.
As for the items, there’s a flame spitting minigun for the Heavy called the Huo Long Heatmaker, a meat cleaver for the Scout, or ‘Flying Guillotine’ as Valve insist on calling it, a neon signpost for the Pyro to hit things with called The Neon Annihilator that does more damage to wet players, and finally a new sapper for the Spy, The Red-Tape Recorder, that reverses construction, which sounds like an absolute nightmare.
On top of that there’s a Groucho Marx nose/glasses combo (The Marxman) for all classes, a gold chain (The Triad Trinket) for Sniper, Spy, Heavy, Engineer and Scout, a tattoo (The Champ Stamp) for the Heavy, Scout, Engineer and Sniper, and a crash helmet (The Human Cannonball) for all classes.
So all in all, quite a lot of stuff for the Team Fortress 2 player who’s got a penchant for John Woo and likes watching Triad members getting beaten to a pulp in an open world environment. Sleeping Dogs is out on the 17th of August, and you can pre purchase it on Steam here to get all those items immediately.