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Team Fortress 2 VR support arrives on OSX


If you’re both one who braves the unpredictable waves of Macintosh gaming and the proud owner of an early Oculus Rift headset – which, now I write it, doesn’t sound like an entirely unfeasible match – then this one’s for you. It’s started.

Valve pushed out a patch in the early hours of this morning. Nestled among a handful of nondescript bugfixes, there it was: official support for Team Fortress 2’s VR mode on OSX.

The update follows some two months after the mode was first released on Windows. With any luck, the Mac version has entirely circumvented the teething troubles the dev team addressed in April.

When Rob played six rounds on Badwater with a Rift glued to his face, he described it as “easily the best use of 3D technology I’ve ever seen”. Cor. Probably worth a spin if you’ve got the kit, then.

Full patch notes follow.

  • Added support for VR mode on OSX
  • Fixed a bad material on the HDMI Patch
  • Fixed a server crash on changelevel when the Replay system has been initialized but is not currently running
  • Fixed the Soldier’s grenades being hidden when equipping the Full Metal Drill Hat and the Soldier’s Sparkplug
  • Removed replay.cfg from depot and added replay_example.cfg to avoid clobbering user’s replay.cfg

Half-Life 2’s own VR mode is currently in beta on Steam. It sent our Tim giddy, as if seeing City 17 for the first time. What other Valve games would you like to see supported?Dota?Alien Swarm? Richochet?