Team Fortress 2’s 300th update: what could it bring?


There are (probably) only a few hours until Team Fortress 2 updates. We’re expect something game-changing; given it’s the 300th update. Valve are putting a lot of effort into teasing the update, and if all it is is a new Pyro Flare gun, a lot of people will be sad. Here’s what could be coming.

Pyro update
Evidence: New Flare gun
The Team Fortress blog updated last night with an article from a community member detailing how he made a new flare gun for the Pyro. This is entirely too close to the ARG to be coincidental. And there is a remarkable moment in the time-lapse video accompanying the post, at 7:08 seconds, that shows this.

For the briefest moment, another Youtube video appears on screen showing a video called “Goldfish” by Fort Knox. A Goldfish was one of the items released as part of the ARG. With that, it follows on that Valve would update more of the Pyro.

Meet The Pyro
Evidence: Pyro-themed update
The item drops include a super-rare Secret Diary. So far there have only been 15 discovered. The link to Meet the Pyro is a bit tenuous, but it has a scorch mark. Could Meet The Pyro be the life story of the muffled pyromaniac, framed by his diary? We know it’ll come in 2012. As an aside, when Valve teased MtP, they also mentioned Fort Knox. This is one of those facts that will make me look cool if it ends up being salient.

Mann Vs Machine
Evidence: Tobor!
We’ve pointed out here that Valve have been hiding hints to some sort of robotic invastion to the TF2 universe. Those hints have alwasys been accompanied with the text “MVM”. Most people take that to mean “Mann Vs Machine“. One of the hint items in ARG has those initials scratched out. Whatever MVM is, it plays a role in the upcoming update.

The Saxxy Awards, 2012
Evidence: Annual update.
It was this time last year that Valve first introduced their in-game recording tools and the award show The Saxxys, and they’ve said another is coming this year. Actially what they said was: “Just in case the Oscar mummies don’t recognize the subtle dramatic undertones of the uninterrupted blood explosion that is Meet the Pyro, we can always stack the deck at the Saxxys, our own awards show. This year, expect the Saxxys to be much bigger and better, due to the imminent unveiling of another secret. Is it that we’re giving Meet the Pyro five Oscars? That’s not the secret, but let’s just say we’d like to thank the Academy. More specifically, we’d like to thank the Academy’s lawyers for not reading this blog post.”

Team Fortress 3
I’m just putting this here so if I’m correct, I can show you all how amazing I am.