The Ten Best Source Filmmaker Movies


Valve’s film making tools have been in the wild for over 24 hours now, meaning the internet has had time to run every meme and pop culture reference through Source Filmmaker’s ultra-handy auto lip-syncing tool.

We’ve stuck a couple of those in our list of the Best Source Filmmaker Movies, alongside some that genuinely made us laugh, cry, shriek with delight and tremble with solemn appreciation.

Take a look, and head to the Source Filmmaker website if you want take a pop at animation yourself. You could become the next Jimmy Pixar.

Just One More Hat – in which the Scout serenades us with a beautiful musical number about TF2, Valve, idle servers and hat-desire.

Does He Look Like a Bitch? – in which the spirit of Sammy LJ inhabits the body of the Demoman in a recreation of an iconic Pulp Fiction scene. The Scout’s expression’s hereare perfect.

Meet the Family – in which the father-son duo of the Scout and the Spy take on the Blue team single-handedly. This one’s stylish, with great use of Valve’s sound library.

Adventures of the F2P Engineer – in which the Engineer is very dumb indeed. Check out the previous episodes of this and demand more.

Meet the Modern Heavy – in which the Heavy wears pretty much every hat at once. Worth it for the Tour de Chapeau finale alone.

Cinematic TF2 – in which a simple test of the Source Filmmaker’s rendering capabilities produces something subtly beautiful and refreshingly unhilarious.

How HL2: Ep3 Will End – in which we swiftly return to being hilarious.

Meet the Sentry – in which what first seems like a cute cast switcheroo quickly becomes something absiolutely horrifying.

Those Aren’t Pillows – in which one of Planes, Trains and Automobiles funniest scenes is parodied, and then quickly improved upon.

Jumping to Conclusions – in which the title is a pun about as clever as the clip’stwist. Would this work in real Team Fortress 2?

All of these videos were madewithin a fortnight of animators having access to the tools. Just imagine the sort of excellent creations we’ll be swimming in a few months from now, as Valve start to release more of the original project files for their Meet the Team series.

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Bookmark the Source Filmmaker community page to keep up with the latest and best uploaded movies, or check back here, where we’ll be personally sifting through the hundreds of “My First SFM Video” uploads in search of the next Spielberg-grade bum-jokes.