Valve’s Source Filmmaker tools now available to download, for free!


Valve’s Source Filmmaker beta is now available to download, which means every budding Roman Polanski can flex their creative muscle using the very same tools Valve used to create their Meet the Team animated shorts. You can download Source Filmmaker here, follow the Source Filmmaker tutorials here and then cry in frustration/see other users’ creations here.

The film making tools were released alongside the final Meet the Team video,Meet the Pyro, in a closed beta state. In that time, the efforts of thoseselect few testers culminated in such niceness as this:

As well as some stuff that won’t be keeping Pixar awake at night, like this:

Now that it’s freely available to the masses, there’s certain to be some interesting creations in the pipeline. Valve’s just released theMeet the Engineer project files too, so expect a surge of engi-parodies.Meanwhile, we’ll bring you some hands-on impressions as soon as we figure out how all the buttons work.