That Dragon, Cancer will finally release in January

That Dragon Cancer release date

Announced back in 2013, we’ve been waiting a while for That Dragon, Cancer. That wait has been an eager one, too: the game’s autobiographical narrative based on a very young child battling cancer is as unique as games stories get. But while the wait has been long, there’s not much further to go: That Dragon, Cancer will release on January 12th.

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The game focuses on the life on Joel Green, and is programmed and written by his real-life parents Ryan and Amy. Joel was diagnosed with an atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor when he was twelve months old, and managed to fight past the predicted four months to live that doctors gave him, but unfortunately died when he was five years old. The game conveys the emotions and struggles his family had to endure during the period.

The game was once heavily tied into the Ouya console, but since that has pretty much sunk without a trace you’ll find the game released on Windows and Mac on January 12th 2016. If you feel like being pulled back to harsh reality after all the festivities of Christmas and New Year, then this could be the game for you.

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