The best indie games on PC in 2022

There’s something for everyone in our look at the best indie games on PC, including engrossing roguelikes, gorgeous puzzlers, and challenging platformers

Deciding on the very best indie games on PC is a task that involves some painful exclusion. The great indie boom triggered by digital distribution a decade ago turned out to be more of a Big Bang, firing small-team development into a plethora of directions that now defy simple categorisation. The sheer volume is intimidating, so we have plenty to choose from when compiling our list of the best indie games. Perhaps too much.

But we should take stock, from time to time, to appreciate everything publisher-less development has given us. Some of the games listed below were built in a weekend by first-time coders, while others were crafted by former triple-A creators who’ve instilled their independent work with the same technical standards. They barely have anything in common but a healthy dose of idiosyncrasy and ideas that make Steam worth spelunking.

So what is our final shortlist of the finest indies around? It’s got everything, from puzzle games to narrative wonders, through pixelart games and the most gorgeous, graphically detailed gems.  You’re going to want to play each and every one.

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The best indie games 2022 are:

A woman in simple leather clothing in a forest; a beam of light shines on a sword covered in ivy, embedded in a rock, in one of the best indie games, Wildermyth


If you’ve ever wanted to play through a tabletop roleplaying campaign with friends without needing a dungeon master to craft your story, Wildermyth is the perfect solution. As your unique cohort of heroes set out into the world, they encounter all sorts of adventures that shape their identity and personal narrative – and as each story is procedurally generated, you end up playing through a tale that’s totally unique.

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Your characters age, fall in love, and eventually die, but you can keep their legacies alive in subsequent playthroughs. It’s a storytelling marvel, with beautiful papercraft art and endless replayability.

Wildermyth Wildermyth Wildermyth Fanatical $24.99 Buy now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

Sitting across from a spooky figure cloaked in darkness, playing a card game, in indie game Inscryption


Inscryption is a card game at first glance, but there’s much more hiding under the surface. The initial gameplay is a mix between Slay The Spire and lane-based card games, though it tends towards the macabre as you need to sacrifice smaller animals to play bigger and better beasts to wipe out your opponent.

Inscryption Inscryption Inscryption Humble $19.99 Buy now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

This unsettling atmosphere escalates as you begin to examine the creepy log cabin you’re playing in; Inscryption is also partially an escape room game where you must decipher cryptic clues to find your way out. Before long, it’s apparent that nothing is as it seems, and unravelling the mystery takes you on an unexpected journey.

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The best thing about Inscryption is that once you’ve played through the campaign, you can keep playing. Opting into the beta for the free DLC, Kaycee’s Mod, turns the card game into a roguelike, adding new cards and events to keep the game feeling fresh – and handicaps to make each run more challenging to complete. If you like stories with conspiracies and dark secrets, Inscryption is well worth investigating.

A small bedroom with several cardboard boxes ready for unpacking


If Unpacking was nothing more than a game about sorting and tidying away your belongings in true Marie Kondo fashion, it would already be a work of art. But this minimalist, chill organisation game wordlessly manages to tell a story of an individual’s journey through life through each relocation.

Unpacking Unpacking Unpacking Humble $19.99 Buy now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

The game begins in a single bedroom, but as the invisible protagonist advances through life, you explore the increasingly larger and more complex spaces she inhabits. Your goal? Unpack. Each level comes with a series of boxes. Unpack each box and put everything away in its rightful place.

There’s a beautiful tension between there not really being a ‘wrong’ answer to what is essentially a puzzle, and there absolutely being a wrong answer because that’s definitely not where you put a toothbrush, silly. Unpacking is a poignant yet relaxing game; perfect if you just want to switch off and sort things, without having to tidy up in real life. Just don’t watch someone else play it – you may not like what it tells you about their organisational skills.

Best indie games - Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium was arguably the best indie game of 2019. Dumping you into the soiled shoes of a detective after an amnesia-inducing night of drinking and immediately charging you with investigating a grizzly murder. With no traditional combat to speak of, Disco Elysium is all about wrestling with your own psyche in order to form the kind of detective you want to be, and then employing this fractured personality to get answers from suspects.

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This wouldn’t work if it weren’t for some phenomenal writing, and in this respect Disco Elysium is a peerless RPG. With countless conversational threads to pick at in any given encounter, the fact that every single one of them is brimming with personality is what makes this detective game so special.

A Viking in Valheim stands on the shore as the sun sets over the water


Valheim’s enchanting visual style and dreamlike Norse setting set it apart from the pack of co-op survival games. The survival mechanics are comparatively forgiving, so you can raise mead halls and roundhouses in relative tranquillity, watching the sunset wash across the sky as the mist rolls in.

Valheim Valheim Valheim Humble $19.99 Buy now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

Vikings in search of a challenge, though, can set sail across the procedurally generated wilderness, trudging through swamps and scrambling over freezing mountains to defeat a series of Valheim bosses in order to bring home hordes of trophies and gold. Just don’t forget that boar loves you.

A crow standing in a park in autumn in indie game Death's Door

Death’s Door

Death’s Door is an action-adventure game inspired by classics like The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls. You play as a crow in charge of reaping the souls of monsters for the Reaping Commission Headquarters, a mysterious yet surprisingly bureaucratic organisation.

Death's Door Death’s Door Death’s Door Fanatical $19.99 Buy now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

These monsters aren’t ready to give up their lives, and they’re ready to put up a fight in order to keep them. Make your way through dungeons, cemeteries, and overgrown ruins as you solve puzzles and defeat smaller enemies along the way.

Death’s Door’s beautiful visual style in combination with strong combat mechanics truly sets it apart. Enemies are tough to take down, but the difficulty is perfectly balanced; the combat feels fantastic as every slash of your sword has weight behind it.

Among Us

If you’re looking for the best game to accuse your friends of murdering one another, Among Us is for you. The concept is simple, there are a bunch of cute little astronauts trying their best to complete tasks on a spaceship but one of them is a ruthless imposter set on killing them all. Either discover the imposter (or imposters) before it’s too late or, if you’re the bad guy, deceive and kill the other astronauts until you are victorious.

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It’s a great party game for your friends to enjoy and although the maps and tasks might be a little overwhelming at first, anyone can get the hang of the game very quickly. And it helps that Among Us is cheap on Steam too! Just don’t blame us for any ruined friendships after a few rounds of killing one another, okay?

Among Us Among Us Among Us Microsoft $4.99 Buy now Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Microsoft and other programs.

A looping track surrounded by hills and monsters in indie game Loop Hero

Loop Hero

Another day, another tile of ghouls. In this retro roguelike, you must ready your sword and shield and venture into the loop; an endless, treacherous cycle of vampires, slimes, and dagger-wielding goblins. Playing as the hero, you set out on a looping track, placing down cards you acquire along the way to make each loop more dangerous than the last.

Loop Hero Loop Hero Loop Hero Humble $14.99 Buy now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

By destroying monsters and surviving each day, you gain precious materials to take back to the camp. You can use these materials to build new areas or upgrade buildings to unlock new cards and perks, and increase your chance of survival. If, however, you’re struck down before finishing the loop, you return empty-handed, making each excursion a tantalising dance with death.


Developer Supergiant’s latest is an impossibly moreish roguelike and one of 2020’s finest story games to boot. As Zagreus, the prince of the underworld, you’ll attempt a daring escape from your father’s domain – after each failed run you’ll grow stronger and more skilled at utilising your burgeoning arsenal.

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The vicious, hard-as-nails combat is an absolute joy to experiment with, but it’s Hades’ cast of bickering gods that makes its cyclical nature sing. You’ll relish any chance to chat with your Olympian relatives, especially as doing so offers gameplay benefits and grants you a greater understanding of Supergiant’s refreshing take on Greek mythology.

Hades Hades Hades Microsoft $24.99 Buy now Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Microsoft and other programs.

The night market in one of the best laptop games, Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

There’s a lot of love for Harvest Moon among the PC community despite the series being exclusive to Nintendo consoles. That’s why Stardew Valley captured the hearts and minds of so many. A cute role-playing management game, it plays to the farming strengths of the popular Harvest Moon games, while simultaneously being its own brand of charming.

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You’ll begin life in Stardew Valley with an inherited farm in dire need of repair. As you plant new crops and inject life into your land your focus will shift to exploration of the world around you. The valley is in similar need of loving attention, and it makes for the perfect project to unwind with night after night. It’s also home to the marvellous Stardew Valley co-op mode – in case you’re after some co-op games – and a place to experiment with the plethora of Stardew Valley mods.

Stardew Valley Stardew Valley Stardew Valley Humble $14.99 Buy now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

Bursting with personality, Stardew Valley is an unmissable adventure for anyone craving the village life.


In a traditional RPG, you’d make a start by exploring the outskirts of a troubled town before you begin to bolster the arsenal of your chosen character. It’s a safe assumption that you’ll be solving any problems you encounter with fists, swords, or magical abilities. In Undertale, however, murder can be treated as a last resort – as we sincerely hope applies to you in real life.

Undertale Undertale Undertale Humble $9.99 Buy now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

This 16-bit indie is one of the best RPGs around, you can subdue, pacify, and even flirt with enemies that stand in your way. How you approach everything that stands in your way throughout the game actually impacts the story and how characters treat you in the future. Leave enemies alive and they’ll show up later and probably make friends with you. But, if you’d rather go with the usual bloody murder then that’s just as valid.

Speaking of the story, you play a kid who falls into the world of monsters, and then has to find a way to escape. What ensues is an endearing adventure that’s consistently well-written, full of memorable characters and one-liners you’ll trade with friends, and a wonderful soundtrack to boot.


The mountaineer that pulled at everyone’s heartstrings, Celeste wasn’t just one of the best indie games in recent years, it was our pick for the best PC game of 2018. Its pinpoint, simple controls make it an excellent and challenging platformer, while its narrative takes the genre to a whole new level.

Simply the best: Celeste made it onto our best platform games list

You play as Madeline who has decided to conquer the icy mountain Celeste by reaching its summit. You’ll fail countless times to Celeste’s tricky levels, but thanks to a quick respawn time and some thoughtful messages of encouragement, Celeste spurs you on even when it gets tough. If the challenging gameplay of Celeste puts you off playing, then there’s no need to worry as there are a variety of assists you can turn on so you’re free to enjoy the story regardless of your skill level.

Celeste Celeste Celeste Humble $19.99 Buy now Network N earns affiliate commission from qualifying sales.

Celeste’s story about a young woman struggling with her anxiety intertwined with its challenging platforming was why we crowned it our game of the year in our PCGN awards 2018.

Thus ends our roundup of the best indie games on PC. Be sure to seek out our list of old PC games if you want to take that indie vibe one step further and go full hipster. With that list of cultural highlights done and dusted you’re free to go and play outside, or return to your favourite triple-A multiplayer games – whichever you prefer.