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Warframe devs’ new game, The Amazing Eternals, is a hero shooter crossed with a CCG

The Amazing Eternals

Digital Extremes, the team behind Warframe, have revealed their next game. Called The Amazing Eternals, it’s “a fresh take on the hero shooter genre,” combining a fast-paced FPS with a collectible card game.

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Today, Digital Extremes are announcing the game’s Founders Program, which will allow players to help shape The Amazing Eternals, as well as rewarding them with “ exclusive in-game gear, instant access to the Closed Beta, and more.” You can sign up for a chance to access the beta now, or enter the game instantly when the Founders Program launches on August 29.

The Amazing Eternals is heavily inspired by a number of classic sci-fi and fantasy tropes, taking what lead artist Craig Sellars describes as “campy, pulpy ideas, but treating them with absolute seriousness.” Some of the characters and locations they show off in the game’s debut video seem like they’d be at home in any number of B-movies, but The Amazing Eternals treats them with “respect and appreciation.”

The game is presented in the form of a mysterious board game. At the start of a match, you’ll leave the board behind, and be sent directly into the game where you’ll inhabit the body of your ‘eternal’. These characters are in an “endless battle to harvest the essence of a keystone,” which seem to be focal points of the game’s maps.

The biggest innovation that the game is making comes through its card game. According to lead designer Allen Goode, “the cards you collect for your eternal provide endless strategic options for how you play.” You’ll be able to craft decks from the cards you collect, and then draw from those decks during games, giving you access to specific weapons, powerups, and traps. Goode says that “the decks you build will influence and reflect your own gameplay style.”

The Amazing Eternals will make its first public appearance at PAX West from September 1-4.