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The best of the Steam Halloween Sale

Steam Halloween Sale

If you’ve nearly emptied your bank account to pay for the materials required to make your completely authentic xenomorph costume for Halloween, but still fancy grabbing some appropriately themed games, then not to worry - Valve has you covered. 

And by has you covered, I mean that Valve wants to bleed that bank account dry with the Steam Halloween Sale. Lock up that wallet.

With 21 pages of discounted sales, I’m not going to be listing them all, but I've found a few choice spooky games to keep you feeling uneasy this Halloween. And they’re dead cheap. 

With 21 pages of discounted sales, I’m not going to be listing them all, but here are a few choice spooky games to keep you feeling uneasy this Halloween. And they’re dead cheap. 

Murdered: Soul Suspect - £6.24/$12.49

I love Murdered: Soul Suspect. It’s a slightly embarrassing love, though. A hokey story about a recently deceased cop who is still cut up about his wife’s death, it jumps between noir caricatures and sentimental claptrap. It’s a guilty pleasure, like enjoying something rubbish like Manos: Hands of Fate, but it’s better than that, because Soul Suspect has some clever spectral tricks up its sleeve. This is probably only a recommendation for anyone that thinks a game that merges Ghost, The Ghost Whisperer and Seven sounds brilliant. 

Sanitarium - £4.19/$5.99

New to Steam, but old to the world, Sanitarium is a disquieting adventure game set in an impossible Asylum. Players step into the shoes of the victim of a car accident, thrust into a disturbing realm, with nothing but questions. Don’t expect jump scares and cheesy Halloween spookiness, Sanitarium thrives on weirdness, and wrongness pervades its scenes. If you’re a fan of Planescape: Torment, then this is its horror equivalent.  

Amnesia Collection - £6.12/$8.74

Both Amnesia games might be a bit much for frail nerves. First-person horror survival games where calm and good hiding spots are the only weapons, these are games that will make your palms not so much damp, but properly dripping. The atmosphere will be your greatest enemy, thick with tension, constantly whittling away your sanity and resolve. Have fun!

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines - £3.74/$4.99

There isn’t a season where I wouldn’t recommend Bloodlines. Despite requiring some fiddling thanks to the fact that it was thoroughly broken - thank goodness for modders - Bloodlines is still one of the best RPGs you could hope to spend time with. It’s the world and its often deceitful, desperate, but brilliantly written characters that will make it worth your time. It’s in our 20 best RPGs on PC list, too. 

The Walking Dead - £4.74/$6.24

What is Halloween without miserable, harrowing stories about people trying to survive an apocalyptic zombie outbreak? Rubbish, that’s what it is. Telltale’s The Walking Dead will make you feel like shit, but you’ll probably love it anyway, for the well realised characters, for the gut-wrenching decisions and for the satisfaction that comes from occasionally bludgeoning a zombie.

What would you lovely lot recommend for some Halloween gaming?

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Dog Pants avatar[-ER-] mavhuntrx avatarFraser Brown avatarBigMik1 avatarnu1mlock avatarsidspacewalker avatar+1
Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

Hah! You don't scare my wallet, Steam. I already have all but one of those. I... erm. I suppose that means in the horror movie of Steam sales I've already been stabbed to death. Well let me continue the theme and torture this metaphor by rising from the dead with an infectious bite in the form of a few old but good recommendations.


Plants Vs Zombies: I've put far more hours into this game than it has any right to take. That's 93, which is about 90 more than any other casual game gets. That's how good it is.

The Binding of Isaac: It's a good old stick shooter, took me back to Smash TV, for anyone who remembers that. The twisted psychological story really stood out for me though.


Everyone's played those though, right? They've been pennies in Steam sales before. For a more serious creepy Hallowe'en experience you can pick up Dead Space for £2.50. As a game it's passable, but don't play it for the shooting, play it for the environment. The body-horror and isolation themes give it a wonderfully oppressive atmosphere. Kind of like The Thing, but with more laser amputation action.

nu1mlock Avatar
3 Years ago

I don't know, I played Smash TV and then again when they released it on Xbox 360. It is nothing like The Binding of Isaac.


Speaking of Dead Space.. It's not the first or second but I do have a Dead Space 3 key that I'll give out as a Halloween present to one (if any) of those who replies here with something worthwhile to say.

Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

I'll defer to your recent knowledge then. It's probably been 20 years since I played it so maybe I should have said it took me back to how I remember Smash TV. In fact, now I actually consider how old it is, maybe a 24 year old game isn't the best comparison anyway. I just can't remember another single-screen stick shooter off the top of my head.

[-ER-] mavhuntrx Avatar
3 Years ago

One I would recommend is Outlast. That was great game to play around Halloween!

Fraser Brown Avatar
3 Years ago

Outlast is brilliant and terrifying. I was thinking of putting it on the list, but Amnesia does a lot of the same things, but with more subtlety, and you can get both Amnesia games for only a few more quid.

BigMik1 Avatar
3 Years ago wallet is safe!

sidspacewalker Avatar
3 Years ago

The PC horror game Watch Dogs is also for sale, 40% off bringing its price down to a startling £23.99.

Other upcoming horror games from Ubisoft such as AC Unity have mysteriously vanished from the Steam listings.

KeefBaker Avatar
3 Years ago

Spent about £30 in total. Partially to get my total games number above 1000 but hey..