Binding of Isaac DLC Afterbirth Plus coming in 2016, will allow you to mod poop


Stylised as Afterbirth †, Edmund McMillen and Co took to the official blog yesterday to announce the next piece of Isaac DLC. It will add a host of new enemies, bosses and so on, but the big hit is mod tools. This includes LUA Scripting, which makes basically everything modifiable, as well as specific tools for item editing, room creation and animation changes. It’s a massive improvement in the one area where the game was lacking – user-created content.

Rebirth would be on our best games of 2015 list if there was any justice in the world. There is not.

The post itselfhas been “edited” by Ed to not feature any details beyond some teases, but given they’re branding it as DLC rather than a free update, not including the sorts of things have have come in previous DLCs – monsters, bosses, floors, endings, plot elements, items and so on – would be surprising.

However, the big news really is the mod tools. They’ll allow well-brained fans to do everything from change items to operate in a way they’d prefer to building entirely new games inside The Binding of Isaac. Most importantly, the level and item editing tools look simple and easy to use so idiots like me can still play around, while full LUA support means the brainier amongst you can delve deep and do whatever you like.

Some time next year is the only announcement we’ve had, though it would be surprising if main-coding-man TyroneRodriguez and co would want to announce it so soon if it wasn’t closer than December. We’ll hear more soon, if cryptic morse code tweets are to be believed.