The Binding of Isaac’s Isaac is now in a fighting game

The Binding of Isaac

Isaac, the titular character in The Binding of Isaac, is heading to a fighting game. Yep, the character, who is literally a tiny baby, will join the roster of Blade Strangers when it releases later this summer.

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Blade Strangers is a fighting game in which characters are drawn in from a series of parallel game worlds. So far, that cast was confirmed to contain Solange and Ali from Code of Princess, as well as Kawase from Umihara Kawase, and Master T. However, Blade Strangers is being published by Nicalis, publishers of, among other things, The Binding of Isaac and its remake, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

It’s that connection that brings Isaac into the game, despite any form of relevant training. Admittedly, Isaac has seen some impressive battles despite his youth, but given that those battles have largely been won by crying at his opponents, you’d be forgiven for wondering just how effective he’d be in actual combat.

Thankfully, a new trailer shows him off reasonably successfully. For the most part, Isaac’s brawl against Cave Story’s Quote (another Nicalis character) is quite a clumsy affair, but there are plenty of recognisable elements in his fighting style. Isaac can cry at his opponents, of course, but to help out, he can also summon flies, spiders, and most importantly, Mum. You can check out the trailer below. Blade Strangers will release later this year.