The Blue Flamingo is a handcrafted shmup from the team behind Shelter

The Blue Flamingo

Might and Delight, brains behind the emotionally-charged mother badger sim, Sheltered, just launched a new game on Steam today: The Blue Flamingo. It’s a shmup. And a very straight forward one at that. But of course there’s a twist: it’s been made using little handmade models of aircraft, props and terrain. Even the explosions are analog, with the devs employing firecrackers. 

Direct your lucky eyes below to see the shmup in action.

Lovely to look at, but it’s otherwise a pretty traditional shmup. Shoot and bomb your way through scrolling, repetitive levels while attempting to survive for as long as possible while adding to your score.

There’s one more little twist, though, and it’s in the game’s economy. Your score is your currency, and it’s what you use to get upgrades. You could buy an upgrade to improve your score down the line, or you could wait and save up, as scores accrue interest at the end of a level.

It’s out now, and you can grab it for £3.99/$4.99.