Callisto Protocol DLC gives horror game hardcore mode and story update

Callisto Protocol DLC will give the Dead Space-like horror game a new hardcore mode, extra story content, and more, as Callisto Protocol reviews roll out

Callisto Protocol DLC gives horror game hardcore mode and story update: An astronaut wears a nervous expression in horror game The Callisto Protocol

Callisto Protocol DLC, combined with a season pass for the Dead Space-like horror game, will add a new hardcore mode, additional story material, and a slew of other features, as developer Striking Distance looks to support to space shooter well into 2023, and our Callisto Protocol review notes blood, guts, and a carefully crafted homage to its spiritual predecessors.

From February 7, 2023, all players will get the upcoming hardcore and Callisto Protocol new game plus modes for free. That means you can keep all your upgrades and weapons, and also test yourself out against – hopefully – some brutally difficult monsters and heightened scares. If you like the Nightmare and Inferno settings in the Resident Evil remakes, or pride yourself on having beaten the identically named hardcore mode in Dead Space 2, this one is for you.

On the same date, content exclusive to the Callisto Protocol season pass will start to file out, beginning with a collection of character skins, called the Outer Way Skin Collection. From there things get a little more vague (Striking Distance promises “more details” on the season pass will be “coming soon”), but in March 2023, we’ll be getting the ‘Contagion Bundle,’ followed by the ‘Riot Bundle’ sometime during spring.

Summer 2023 – no specific date is available right now – is when it gets really interesting, with Striking Distance offering Callisto Protocol season pass owners additional story content. Whether this will mean a full-blown expansion, or smaller additions like extra lore, remains to be seen. Alternatively, like with Dead Space, there could be plans for crossover media like movies and books, but that’s all speculation. Needless to say, there’s plenty more incoming if you’re enjoying Callisto Protocol so far.

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