The Callisto Protocol Gamescom trailer has us in its tentacles

The Callisto Protocol Gamescom trailer goes heavy on the gore, and there's a new kind of tentacled monster in the horror game that looks amazing

Callisto Protocol Gamescom trailer: A mutant with no face stands against a beige background

The Callisto Protocol Gamescom trailer focused on combat and showed some of the things Striking Distance and horror game creator Glen Schofield teased during E3, namely the gravity gun. There’s plenty of gory mutations and death scenes – this is Striking Distance after all – and tentacled mutants who want to hurt you.

The trailer opens with the protagonist cautiously walking through a corridor and entering a more open area, with a giant rotating cylinder of metal spikes in the middle – y’know, your usual decor centerpiece – before he’s set upon by a monstrous foe. There’s a bit of stealth involved. To his left is a foe who hasn’t noticed him yet, so instead of alerting it with noisy combat, he simply fires off the gravity gun and pushes the first monster into the whirling teeth of death.

The gravity gun seems like an integral part of The Callisto Protocol’s combat, letting you control the flow of combat by keeping enemies at bay, and you need all the help you can get.

While giant meat grinders naturally do some heavy damage to the foes you encounter, the usual dismembering, headshots, and other combat strategies tend to be less effective. One massive mutant shown had its head cut off and still managed to keep fighting.

You’ll also need to keep an eye on your foes for sudden changes. Schofield said some enemies may sprout tentacles, and that’s your sign to act fast. If you don’t take them out quickly, they start to mutate and become even more powerful.

The trailer ended with a typically Callisto scene. After surviving the mutant encounters, the protagonist gets caught up in a fan and cut in half in painfully detailed fashion, all inspired by real-life horror.

You don’t have long to wait to see this all for yourself either. The Callisto Protocol launches December 2. Meanwhile, check out some of our picks for the best space games and zombie games to help tide you over until then.