Callisto Protocol PC stutters are ruining the horror game

Reports of poor Callisto Protocol PC performance seem to stem from shader compilation stutter, prompting players to review bomb the horror game on Steam

Callisto Protocol PC stutters: Jacob Lee, the protagonist of The Callisto Protocol, stands among the industrial ruin of Black Iron prison, stands in the darkness covered in blood.

Horror games are meant to be scary, but not in the way that the Callisto Protocol PC stutters are horrifying players. Unfortunately, it seems that the no matter what hardware your system is packing, no one can escape from the terror of its poor performance.

While our Callisto Protocol review descries it as a celebration of the best horror games of the previous generation, excessive stuttering holds back the quality of its PC port. Since this issue stems from shader compilation, there’s unfortunately nothing you can do to avoid it.

Following the best Callisto Protocol settings on PC could help alleviate the severity of the stutters, but there’s no guarantee. Players have voiced their displeasure at the condition of the port by review bombing the game on Steam, with ‘Mostly Negative’ user reviews.

Hopefully Striking Distance Studios can address this issue via future updates, but there’s been no acknowledgement from the developer at the time of writing. However, don’t forget to make sure that your gaming PC meets the Callisto Protocol system requirements before crying foul of its stuttering problems.