The Climb trailer shows off Crytek’s new VR effort about not falling off things

The climb

Horror seems to have become VR’s natural first port, despite the fact that I’m already terrified enough of strapping on a sensory deprivation helmet and would actually like to use it to just look at some lovely flowers. Since we’ve already done monsters and other gribbly deaths, Crytek have decided that vertigo should be the next stop on the whirlwind vomit tour.

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The trailer has disembodied hand leaping and near-falls.

Do the hands make more sense in VR? They look super distracting and immersion breaking in the above footage. But control mechanisms for games haven’t really ever made sense – a floating gun, a magic cursor that relays orders, menus filled with progression systems, none of these are real. My brain, apparently, draws the line at empty gloves.

There was another version of the game that apparently came with dinosaurs roaming around, rather than the modern-day version that it has evolved into. All the terror will come from the possibility of falling, something that anyone who has played Mirror’s Edge with a pair of headphones can attest to being enough.

Thanks, Eurogamer.