Free games: Race across America in The Crew 2 free weekend

The Crew 2 free weekend has already begun, so you can go tearing across the States in brand-new hovercars as soon as you're ready

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 is getting a free weekend, beginning today and running all the way to Sunday. Servers should be live now, meaning you can go tearing across the game’s truncated version of the United States as soon as you’re ready.

Pre-load for The Crew 2’s free weekend actually began earlier this week, so if you planned ahead, you should be able to play right now. If you haven’t already downloaded it though, you’ve still got plenty of time to play – servers close at 21:00 BST (16:00 EDT) on Sunday, September 30.

The free weekend comes just in time to coincide with the game’s latest update – Gator Rush. The new content arrived yesterday, and the headline act is the edition of a fourth motorsport discipline to the game. Cars, boats, and planes will be joined in the game by hovercraft, letting you switch between land and water on a whim. To give the new vehicles a home in the US, several new locations, including swampy bayous, have been added to the game’s map.

There are also a who bunch of new disciplines in the update. You’ll now have access to Touring Car events, and fast-paced Jetsprint and Hypercar races. There’s also Ace mode, which offers legendary loot for players who customise their vehicles.

To access the free weekend, just head to your Uplay launcher, or follow the instructions in this FAQ. If you like what you play, you can pick up The Crew 2 for a healthy 45% discount, and anything you unlock will carry over into the full game.