The Crew to get a cop-themed expansion, Calling All Units, coming November 29

The Crew Calling All Units expansion

There’s life in Ubisoft’s open-world racer The Crew yet. Following the extreme sports-themed Wild Run expansion which added motorbikes and more off-road events to the base game, there’s a second one coming this November. Calling All Units focuses on adding new cops vs racers gameplay and adds tweaked cop AI, increases the level cap, and introduces new vehicles.

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Calling All Units is apparently a response to community feedback, and is arriving November 29. Here’s what Ubisoft have to say about it:

“Racers have been owning the place until today – time to set the record straight! Join the cops and put an end to their supremacy in frantic, high-risk pursuits all over the USA.

Inspired by our community’s feedback, The Crew: Calling All Units includes a brand new Cops vs. Racers gameplay, retuned police AI, 10 extra levels, and of coure a wide range of new vehicles.”

For now, you can watch the trailer above, or check out the expansion’s official site for more.