Spec Ops: The Line devs have a new FPS called The Cycle, and an alpha is coming soon

the cycle alpha

Yager, the studio best known for Spec Ops: The Line, has a new shooter on the way called The Cycle. Don’t expect another meta-narrative journey into the heart of darkness, however – this is a “match-based” FPS where you drop onto a planet, complete specific quests, and earn rewards to keep you supplied in newer and better gear.

Specifically, that planet is Fortuna III, a lovely world where colonization efforts have been hindered by recurring, destructive storms – the titular Cycle. You drop in for roughly 20 minute matches that have you competing against 19 other players to complete contracts, while contending with indigenous alien monsters and wildlife.

It may be awhile before we have a “competitive quester” genre, but in the meantime don’t miss the best FPS games on PC.

Dropping onto a map with time limits imposed by a storm certainly sounds a bit battle royale-inspired, though the smaller player counts and specific objectives suggest something a bit more similar to a game like Hunt: Showdown. The developers call the game a “competitive quester,” an open world blend of FPS matches and quest objectives.

No gameplay footage just yet – but that’s set to change soon, with a closed alpha set to begin in “the next few weeks.” The game’s initially set to be a PC exclusive delivered through Steam, though console versions are planned further down the line.

After the release of Spec Ops: The Line back in 2012, Yager went fairly quiet for a number of years. Space combat sim Dreadnought launched on PlayStation 4 last year, and is set to hit PC sometime in 2018. Less auspiciously, Yager was pulled off of development on Dead Island 2 back in 2015, leading to the shutdown of the division which had been working on the game. Dead Island 2 has not been cancelled, however.

You can sign up for the closed alpha via the official website. Hopefully we’ll see some more details on The Cycle soon.