Free Thief-inspired stealth game The Dark Mod gets improved level editor and updated assets

The Dark Mod

The Dark Mod started life as a Thief mod for Doom 3, but these days it’s available as a standalone game. It’s basically Thief, though not set in the same universe. Still, it sure looks a lot like Thief.

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Of course, you’ll still be able to creep through the shadows, clobber guards with a blackjack, and snuff out light sources with water arrows.

The game comes packaged with a tutorial and two short campaign missions. Elsewhere, there are hundreds of fan creations to get stuck into, all built using the comprehensive level editor.

The Dark Mod was built by fans of Looking Glass Studios and immersive sims. They’ve even gone and called the team Broken Glass Studios, as you can see in the new trailer above.

Version 2.05 comes with hundreds of new high-quality models and other updated assets. You can download the latest version of The Dark Mod for free at that link.