The Day Before is a bland mix of Fortnite, The Division, and zombies

After a year-long wait we've finally got a The Day Before gameplay trailer, and it's a weird mix of Fortnite-style animations and survival game exploration.

The Day Before is a bland mix of Fortnite, The Division, and zombies: A black man with a beard and a cut on his knows stares into the camera with snowflakes perched on his furry hood and a gun on his shoulder

Yes folks, the fabled The Day Before gameplay trailer has finally arrived, giving us a ten-minute long look at how the survival game is set to play out. Being honest, though, it hasn’t exactly inspired much faith.

Following a bizarre trademarking issue and subsequent delay to The Day Before release date, potential players have finally got a look at how the zombie MMORPG will play out – and it’s safe to say it isn’t quite what was expected.

The trailer shows ten minutes of… walking around. Yes, seriously. There’s very little combat, and when there is it’s pretty lacklustre. Tomato ketchup-style blood sprays out of enemies, and your character doesn’t even drop her mag when she reloads.

As you traverse what looks like the remains of a low poly New York, you come across a plethora of stores whose names are cheap puns based on real-life establishments. BVS instead of CVS, FCC instead of KFC – lawsuit inbound? I think there might be.

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All of this is topped off with five second skill checks to open and interact with items, making the whole thing feel very stop and start – and this is coming from someone who wanted to be impressed. I have a guilty obsession with all things zombie; TV shows, movies, games – you name it. I have such high hopes for this game despite some within the community alleging that it’s some sort of scam – but this has taken the wind right out of my sails.

I expected constant action, raids filled to bursting with undead enemies, and, most of all, characters that don’t emulate Fortnite’s vaguely cartoon style; look at the game’s key art! Given the devs still have some time, I hope Fntastic takes the widespread criticism on board – but we’ll have to wait and see.

As we wait for more of The Day Before’s secrets to slither out from the shadows, check if you’ll be able to run it with our handy breakdown of The Day Before system requirements. If you’re looking to bloody your baseball bat in the meantime, though, be sure to check out our list of the best zombie games – I know I have.