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The Day Before will be “at the top of Steam wishlists” again soon

A new The Day Before trailer has dropped, while developer Fntastic recommits to the release date later this year, saying the game will come back to Steam soon.

The Day Before will be "at the top of Steam wishlists" again soon

The Day Before should be back up on Steam soon, as developer Fntastic recommits to the launch date of the FPS game while diving into The Day Before‘s systems, mechanics, and controversial volunteer structure at the studio. With The Day Before release date still supposedly fairly soon, the team has also released a brand new CGI trailer as well.

“We want to reassure our community that our Steam page will be reinstated soon,” Fantastic says in an interview with WellPlayed. “We’ll be back at the top of the wishlists.”

Previously one of the most wishlisted games on Steam, the upcoming PvE zombie shooter was delisted from Valve’s platform after it came to light that Fntastic might not actually own the trademark – it apparently belongs to a calendar app maker.

The new trailer, which you can see below, comes alongside reassurance that The Day Before will still launch on November 10 as planned, despite still not being back on Steam. We’ve already expressed our worries about The Day Before, and I’m not sure what we’ve got here really dissuades any of our fears.

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“Trademark-related matters are being overseen by our newly-formed New Zealand joint venture with our publisher Mytona, aptly named MytonaFntastic,” the studio adds.

“Breakthrough limitations and overcome challenges. These words are the spirit of our organization,” Fntastic continues. “We are here for the long haul and we want to change the game industry. We want to show other ordinary people like ourselves that anything is possible in this life.”

With November rolling in fast, Fantastic has already said that a The Day Before beta will be coming close to launch, so hopefully you’ll at least get to see more of the game in action soon.

Fantastic has also addressed the concerning volunteer culture at the studio, saying it has more than 300 volunteers from 30 nationalities. “While we have paid employee-volunteers, we also have unpaid external volunteers. External volunteers offer their time and skills voluntarily without remuneration, engaging in activities they genuinely enjoy. We propose various tasks and invite interested volunteers to undertake them.”

The Day Before will be "at the top of Steam wishlists" again soon

Despite seeing snippets of The Day Before gameplay, which actually looks eerily similar to an old Call of Duty zombies trailer, it’s still somewhat unclear how The Day Before will actually play, with Fntastic saying you’ll be “purchasing houses and vehicles, and creating unique, personal narratives along the way. While our game predominantly leans towards player-versus-player engagements, we will also incorporate quests centered around the restoration of society.”

Your home can apparently be completely personalized with furnishings and decor while acting as “safe havens” from combat and zombies.

There also isn’t going to be an early access period for The Day Before, instead Fntastic plans to share a roadmap closer to release.

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