The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a game inside a B movie, bursting out of the silver screen in January

The Deadly Tower of Monsters release date

Ace Team, the folks behind Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages, are dabbling in the movie business. Well, their latest game, The Deadly Tower of Monsters, is. It’s a game inside a sci-fi B movie, complete with stop-motion monsters and stunt men stuffed inside silly costumes. 

It’s due out next month, and you can get an eyeful below. 

Ace Team are nothing if not dedicated to the strange premise of each of their games. I’m already delighted just watching giant claymation apes and funny robot men who are obviously blokes in cheap costumes.

The game sees fictional leading man Jonathan Digby in his role as Dick Starspeed, space hero, fighting his way up a tower filled with atomic ants, dinosaurs and mad robots with help from a couple of chums. It all looks lovely, yet it also seems surprisingly conventional for Ace Team. Not the premise or the art, of course, but the fact that it’s a game about shooting monsters while climbing up a big tower.

You’ll be able to spend time inside the silver screen yourself, when it launches on January 19th.

Cheers, RPS.