Win a free Steam key for The Deed!

The Deed giveaway

Think you could get away with murder? Wait, don’t answer that. 

Instead, enter our giveaway and you could win a Steam key for The Deed, an adventure/RPG game about doing exactly that. 

Arran Bruce, heir to Dunshiel House, returns to his family home after discovering that his father has decided to disinherit him from his will in favour of his young sister. Not taking this so well, Arran then decides to disinherit his sister from life itself in order to restore his windfall. Can he manage to get away with such a foul deed?

For your chance to win enter via our widget below. There are seven ways to enter, and each action is worth one entry, so the more you do, the higher your chance of winning. We will also need your email address to let you know if you are one of our lucky winners and to send you your code. But don’t worry, we promise there’ll be no spam!

If you win you’ll be sent a code to redeem on Steam. Just click the ‘Add A Game’ button at the bottom of the Steam client window, and ‘Activate a Product on Steam’. Follow the instructions, download the game, and get playing!

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The Deed giveaway – 17/03/2017