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How to save everyone in The Devil In Me

Learn how to save everyone in The Devil In Me, as the aptly named Murder Castle is a treacherous place for the five main characters

How to save everyone in The Devil In Me

Want to know how to save everyone in The Devil in Me? Supermassive’s Saw-inspired thriller features five main characters, who can all potentially die if you make the wrong choices. This is the fourth instalment in The Dark Pictures Anthology, set in a recreation of H. H. Holmes ‘Murder Castle’, where a group of filmmakers are invited to shoot a documentary.

One of the best horror games on PC, knowing how to save everyone in The Devil In Me is imperative if you want to get the best ending. Alternatively, if you want to kill everyone off, you can follow this guide to know exactly what not to do. Here are all the decisions and choices you need to make to save everyone, split up by chapter.

How to save Jamie, Erin, Kate, Mark, and Charles in The Devil In Me

While there are a couple of times you must fail quick-time events (QTEs) to get different positive outcomes – which we highlight throughout the guide – you’ll want to make sure not to fail a single one during the rest of The Devil in Me. QTEs can be made easier by playing on a lower difficulty setting, and enabling some of the options in the accessibility menu such as single action button, hold to complete button mash, disable QTE timeout, and disable QTE combat timer.

Additionally, if a choice isn’t listed here, then you’re safe to choose what you like. This applies to the majority of dialogue choices, along with many scenes that look like they could be deadly. Most of the suboptimal (non-QTE) choices during these sections just lead to superficial damage for the characters, rather than permanent consequences.

How to save everyone in The Devil In Me: Blackout


After turning on the lights as Jamie, you’ll be taken back to Erin. Here, you’ll be approached by a mysterious man holding Erin’s inhaler. While you have the option to attack him, instead take the inhaler. After doing so, the man will eventually leave, giving you a chance to use the inhaler from the inventory.

Silver Ash

The next time you control Erin, she’ll be locked inside her room. A door opens in one of the walls, leading to a passageway full of dust. Despite what the game might lead you to believe, you don’t actually need to use the inhaler at this point — though when saving every character in one run, it doesn’t matter when you use the inhaler outside of the previous scene with the killer.

After exploring the Silver Ash Institute, you’ll suddenly hear Jamie telling Erin to hide. Doing so will allow her to survive another potentially deadly encounter with the killer.


Once Charlie wakes up from his fall, he’ll be trapped in the mansion’s basement. After doing some exploring and finding a pack of cigarettes, he’ll be locked in what turns out to be an incinerator. After the fire starts, choose to open the grate. While this might not seem to work at first, choosing the grate again will allow Charlie to escape the flames.

How to save everyone in The Devil In Me: Breathless


A while later, Erin and Kate will end up being locked in 2 separate chambers, with Jamie forced to choose which one gets to live. Despite both choices seemingly being bad, the correct outcome involves choosing Kate. Doing so will free Erin, and Kate right after.

Director’s Suite

In the Control Center, when Jamie offers herself as bait in the group’s attempt to trap Du’Met, you can either let her keep the screwdriver or give it to Kate. Neither choice is wrong, though it does affect how you need to handle an upcoming event.

Shortly after, Jamie and Kate end up trapped in a room featuring a moving wall. Said wall has a button, determining which way the wall goes. If Jamie still has the screwdriver, then this is one of the rare moments where you’ll want to fail a QTE. Act defiant by letting the button QTE run out, and both characters will live.

Alternatively, make sure to hit the button during the QTE if Kate has the screwdriver instead. Both versions will lead to the same outcome in the end.


After saving Kate and Jamie from the previous trap, she must then escape from Du’Met on the roof of the mansion. However, even if you complete all of the QTEs, Jamie still ends up getting caught. When given the option, make sure to save her instead of running.


Escaping the maze will see you fleeing from the killer once again, this time into a barn. Make sure to run at this point, either straight away, or after barricading the door.


When hiding in the house with the trapped dog, pick the anxious response to have Kate hide. While Jamie is hiding from Du’Met, she has the option to kill the dog during a QTE to stop it from giving away her position. However, failing the QTE will still lead to both characters surviving, with the added bonus of saving the dog during the ending.


This one is optional, and depends on whether Erin found the tape recorder featuring Charilie in the Silver Ash Institute. If she did, make sure Mark does not decide that Charlie should be tied up. If Erin didn’t find that evidence, then the group will find 2 tape recorders at the lighthouse, instantly showing that the audio is fake.

How to save everyone in The Devil In Me: Lake


When you finally make it to the boathouse, things don’t go exactly as planned. When prompted, choose the authoritative response to try and grab the gun. Doing so will instead net you the pepper spray, which is needed to save everyone in The Devil in Me.

During the final encounter with Du’Met on the boat, there are a number of QTEs that must be completed to save every member of the crew. However, you also have a few choices to make, one of which depends on whether Kate or Jamie has the screwdriver from earlier.

If Jamie still has the screwdriver, she is able to choose the option to fight Du’Met and survive. If not, she must instead jump off the boat (this option can still be chosen even if Jamie has the screwdriver). Kate must also decide to fight once Mark is in trouble.

That’s how to save everyone in The Devil in Me. For something a little less horrific, our best PC games guide goes over a range of solid titles that any gamer should try, or you can take a look at our list of the best story games for other narrative-focused options.