The Division 2’s Dark Hours raid was cleared in five hours

The Division 2’s first raid kicked off yesterday, but it didn’t take very long for the first set of players to complete the game’s biggest endgame challenge. The Dark Hours world first was completed by The Division streamer and YouTuber Marco-style and the rest of his eight-person squad in just over five hours.

The squads attempt at the raid, which takes place in a Washington D.C. airport, seemed to go relatively smoothly for a while, but its final boss proved a significant hurdle. Marcostyle and company spent around three hours trying to finish it off, and their group was reduced to just seven players during the final attempt.

Nevertheless, as the dust settled, the team confirmed that they were the first to have completed the raid. According to Ubisoft, that means that the squad will be immortalised in-game, with their names and photo appearing on the wall of The Division 2’s hub area, the White House. It was a close-run thing, however, as a second squad completed the raid just five minutes behind Marcostyle.

While Marcostyle and his teammates had the benefit of clean comms and a hand-picked squad to help secure their world-first, that’s not something everyone will be able to make use of. The Division 2’s first raid launched with no matchmaking, meaning players are having to manually put their groups together. Ubisoft has suggested it’s working on a fix, but there are no details just yet.

The world first clear was notably speedy, even among other games in the genre. Destiny 2’s first raid took six hours to clear, but it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes Borderlands 3’s raid when that game launches later this year. World of Warcraft remains a far longer ask however, with world first races that can stretch for days or even weeks.

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The Dark Hours raid seems to have gone down well. At the end of his stream, Marcostyle praised the endgame content, saying “Ubisoft, if you’re watching, more of this. This was actually super-hard. This was way more than I expected. Good fucking job, guys.” That sentiment seems to have been echoed on Reddit, so here’s hoping the developer has plenty more tricks up its raid-sleeve.

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