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The Division 2 Diamondback Exotic: how to get the reptilian rifle

Unlocking this one will take a while, so stock up on some know-how with this guide


How do you unlock the Diamondback Exotic in The Division 2? The souped-up rifle is the newest kid on the block when it comes to The Division 2 Exotics – so, naturally, the collectors among us are curious how we can get our hands on it.

There are a few ways you can get your hands on some of The Division 2’s best guns. A few, like The Division 2 Pestilence Exotic LMG, require you take down a named foe. Easy enough, but others, like the Nemesis Exotic sniper rifle, are obtained more often by finding a blueprint and then locating the necessary crafting parts.

For The Division 2’s Diamondback, you’re going to have to wait until the three new Expeditions go live on August 6. When that time comes, we’ll need to find three parts to put together our new Exotic rifle. It’ll take you some time, but don’t worry as that’s where our handy Diamondback Exotic guide comes in. Here we’ll go over the perks that the Exotic rifle comes with alongside how and when you can get everything you need to craft it.

The Division 2 Diamondback Exotic talents

Sure, the whole snakes on a gun vibe will leave the ophidiophobia sufferers among us feeling uneasy – but its associated perks should remedy that. The Agonizing Bite perk means that the Exotic gun will randomly mark an enemy, and hitting that enemy consumes the mark. Doing so guarantees the critical hit with an extra 20% to total damage. The mark passes on when the previous enemy has been hit, or if you reload your weapon.

After you hit five enemies you’ll activate the Deep Fangs perk, which grants +50% reload speed, +20% total damage, and every shot you fire guarantees critical hits for ten seconds. Lastly, the Shedding Skin perk means that you’ll pick up an extra 20% bonus armour for three seconds if you reload Diamondback. While it is holstered, you can pick up +8% bonus armour for two seconds by reloading or cycling your equipped weapon.

How to unlock The Division 2 Diamondback Exotic rifle

You won’t be able to get this one right away, we’re afraid to say. Simply put, you’ll need to complete all three of the new Division 2 Expeditions. These are multiplayer activities that focus on exploring the wilderness on the hint for convoys.

Currently the only one available to do is Expedition: The Convoy. If you’re struggling to find it, it’s at the very top of your map, on the right-hand side of the three missions available. Each of these expeditions takes place around Kenly College, and you’ll be able to play the next two on July 30 and August 6, respectively.

And there you have it, how to unlock The Division 2 Diamondback Exotic rifle – well once August 6 rolls around, that is. That said, if the perks are anything to go by then this gun could be an absolute monster.