The Division 2 leveling guide: how to level up fast and reach endgame

Ubisoft’s chaotic depiction of Washington is stuffed with little treasures to help you level up faster

the division 2 levelling guide

What is the quickest way to level up in The Division 2? It’s a question that many of the completionists among us will be wondering, as we plough our way through Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic portrayal of America to reach its endgame. It’s an exciting time – there is plenty of high-end loot to chase, and no one knows how to get it, yet. Even if you’ve come to The Division 2’s Washington-based setting as a tourist – happily wandering along and taking in the abandoned ruins, having a grasp on leveling up fast and efficiently will prove useful to your game management.

There are, however, a lot of different ways to level up fast in the Division 2. Some methods are perk-based, such as spending your tokens on Accolades to snap up more experience points. Other ways involve in-game management of missions, which requires some knowledge of how The Division 2’s leveling system works.

But fear not, while it’s still early days we’ve braved the ruined metropolis of downtown D.C. to find out how you can level up fast. Whether you’re sprinting to the endgame, or want to skip straight to those powerful The Division 2 Specializations, this The Division 2 levelling guide should point you in the right direction.

The Division 2 leveling guide


As you begin your playthrough, you’ll notice that there’s a wealth of perks and abilities at your disposal from the Quartermaster in your Base of Operations, much like in the first Division. However, your first point will be spent on unlocking a weapon slot, but after that, you’re free to choose what you like.

For the most success, you’ll want to spend your first few SHD Tech points on unlocking the Skill Slot so you can double up on the abilities you can equip. After that, you’ll want to beeline straight for Accolades one to five. Each one of these will give you bonus experience for small tasks, such as killing enemies through their weak points, environmental damage, and getting multiple kills. This all stacks up over the course of the campaign and will save you a lot of time in the grand scheme of things.

the division 2 levelling guide Washington park

Manage mission completion

To get the most out of The Division 2’s missions, you’ll need to know how the experience system works. Main story missions will give you a predetermined amount of XP, side missions will provide you with around 33% of what it takes to level you up, and public events will do the same but only to the effect of 10%, or thereabouts.

What this means is that side missions and public missions will scale up depending on your level. So, you’ll want to save up as many side-missions as possible and only dip into the public missions when you need to level up a bit or it’s convenient for you. Otherwise, stick to the main story as much as you can.

Keep your throwaway gear and donate it later

It’s tempting to keep your inventory clean from the word go, deleting multiples for crafting materials early on. You’ll want to save a lot of your duplicates and low level gear, though, as you’ll eventually come across settlements, where you can fetch bouts of experience points for completing settlement projects that involve trading in materials or items such as masks, gloves, and backpacks.

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And there you have it, some handy The Division 2 leveling tips to get you started. Each one of these tips will give you a marginal boost in isolation, but when pulled together and spread across the entire length of the game’s story, they will help you arrive at the end game a few hours to the good. Whether you’re on a sprint to complete the Division 2, or happy to stroll through its content, we hope this guide helps.