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After ditching Steam, The Division 2 sold ten times more than the original on Uplay

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May 15, 2019 Uplay sales for The Division 2 are way up.

Ubisoft says The Division 2 sales have failed to meet expectations on console, but they’re in line with with the original on PC. There’s been a significant change in PC sales over the original, though – the new game is sold on the Epic Games store instead of Steam, and now sales through Ubisoft’s own Uplay store have increased ten times over the original.

The company isn’t specific about how those numbers break down, but Ubisoft does note “record highs” when it comes to player engagement and season pass sales (noted by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter). Sales of the original Division made it a breakout hit in 2016, so it may be that Ubisoft had very big expectations for the follow-up – the one thing we can say for sure is that the switch to the Epic store was great for Uplay.

Back in March, we saw retail figures from the UK that revealed that The Division 2’s physical launch has only managed 20% of the sales of Division 1, and those console-focused retail numbers lines up with what we’re hearing about the console sales today.

The Dark Hours raid is the big new thing on the horizon for Division 2 players – you can follow that link for much more info on what to expect.

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Today’s financial report from Ubisoft has brought plenty of other notable news, including another delay for Skull & Bones and the revelation that three unannounced, triple-A games are set to launch early next year. Given that the company’s got players investing deeply in The Division 2, it’s safe to expect new content for the game to be hitting fast, too.