In The Division 2, Mexico builds a border wall to keep US refugees out

Nothing political to see here

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If you follow US politics – or you’ve been in the vicinity of any news broadcast in the past handful of years – you probably know that the topic of a border wall separating the United States and Mexico is currently a matter of some debate. Despite being one of Ubisoft’s non-political games, The Division 2 riffs pretty directly on the border situation, and today that fact became a visible part of the marketing for the game.

Ubisoft tweeted out a faux press release from the Mexican government earlier today with the message “Mexico responds to the deteriorating situation in the US.” The idea is that Mexico has declared a state of emergency following the apocalyptic outbreak which strikes the US in The Division, and the country has approved funding to build a border wall that will keep US refugees out.

As the unnamed Mexican president says, “We have already seen a caravan of US citizens from the east coast arrive at our border hoping to enter our country for protection, services, and to escape the Dark Zones of anarchy and chaos.”

In an effort to prevent the spread of the outbreak, “government troops and national police” are deployed to protect the border with a new “zero-tolerance mandate.” Which is, uh, grim.

Ubisoft previously had to apologise about a Division 2 marketing email making light of the US government shutdown last month, though this is at least justified within the context of the game’s plot.

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The idea of current events inverting as Mexico funds an anti-US border wall sounds almost like a bit of dour political satire – but as we all know, a Ubisoft game would never attempt to provide any sort of message about current politics.