Beta keys for The Division can be picked up with this week’s Humble Bundle


By my last count, I’m pretty sure The Division has been delayed exactly 16 squillion times – don’t worry, you can trust my math. Hell, even the beta has been pushed back from the bygone era of 2015 to early this year. Ah well, at least Ubisoft is trying to make amends for the online squad shooter’s tardiness with the latest Humble Weekly Bundle.

While you count down the seconds/months/centuries until The Division’s release, slay some time by reading about the best PC MMOs.

Head over to the special Tom Clancy-themed store, and you can secure access to The Division’s beta if you cough up more than the average ‘pay-what-you-want’ price of $9.58 for one of Tom’s finest titles, including numerous Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six efforts.

If you part with an extra 42 cents, you’ll also get Splinter Cell Blacklist and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier as a thank you. I’m really fond of the former, even if it lacks Michael Ironside’s wonderfully gravelly larynx. As for the latter, it features some of the most terrifying faces I’ve ever seen, but it’s coordinated stealth combat is pretty nifty.

Whatever you decide to pay, you’ll be supporting charity, which is always spiffy. Now, let’s just hope the beta for The Division, and the full game itself, launch at some point before 2038.