The Division beta delayed to 2016, closed alpha on Xbox One announced for this week


The Division was supposed to have a beta kicking off at some point in December as a first public look at what the final game will be like. Ubisoft have announced today that it is to be delayed into 2016, when everyone who pre-ordered the game will be given access to various bits. For now, only Xbox One players will be given a limited time with an early build, under NDA.

We’re quite looking forward to The Division along with all of these upcoming games.

The PC and PS4 beta will now start some time in early 2016, ahead of the March release date. The Xbox One Alpha begins on the 9th of December and runs until the 12th and includes some areas that have not been seen yet. Sadly the NDA prevents everything from Twitch streaming to YouTube videos or even mentioning it to your dog, so we won’t know what it’s like until next year.

There’s more information in the official blog if you’ve got an Xbox and want to check it out. The rest of us will have to wait. Based on the timeframe for the beta, it will be more of a connection test than a WoW-style mechanic-tester and bug-fixer.

Thanks, Eurogamer.