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The Division gets live-action four-part series that’ll expand main story

The Division live action trailer

As The Division continues to creep up on us (hah!) before its March release, Ubisoft have dropped a live-action story trailer for a proposed four-part series named Agent Origins. The full-length film will feature on Amazon Prime and will offer a glimpse at life in post-outbreak NYC.

The Division is almost upon us, but so too are the entries in our list of upcoming PC games.

Where do you stand with live-action videos? Are they useful? Do they offer more over and above the standard hype that’s part-and-parcel of big-budget videogame releases, or are they a marketing department’s wet dream comprised of hyperbolic nonsense? For me, where I land with that depends on how psyched I am for the game in question, really. You might be the same, so I’ll let you decide on this one for yourself:

Agent Origins will run for 31 minutes, according to its Amazon Prime page, and will be based on the following: “New York City teeters on the brink of collapse after being devastated by a pandemic. Four newly activated agents of a secret organization called The Division must leave their old lives behind to prevent the fall of civilization. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Agent Origins, inspired by the groundbreaking video game by Ubisoft.”

During the trailer, as you might’ve noticed, the narrator echoes this idea of helping civilisation. “Our mission: put this city back together,” he says. “When society falls, we rise.”

And then they whip out machine guns and shoot a load of folk. Even in times of extreme crisis I can’t be convinced this is the best way to save society, but I guess we’ll know for sure when The Division releases March 8.

Last week, Ubisoft announced thatThe Division beta starts January 29 on PC.