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The Division gets TV commercial and eye tracking functionality on PC

The Division TV ad

In the latest effort to push their forthcoming open-world dystopian shooter further still pre-launch, Ubisoft have revealed The Division’s first television advert named “Yesterday”. Following brief snippets with members of the titular crew, each one-time-civilian-now-soldier talks about the way the world was before it was overcome by infection. And in other Division-related news, PC versions of the game will include integrated eye tracking functionality at launch.

It won’t be long before The Division departs our list of upcoming PC games.

“Yesterday this was a symbol of true power,” says the trailer below as a businessman hands a street vendor money. “But today it means nothing but destruction. And all those who used to protect us have now been overwhelmed. But that, that was yesterday before we decided that our playground will now become our battlefields.”

It’s all very profound, but whereas I’ve spoken about my ambivalence towards live-action promotional skits, I quite enjoy seeing games advertised in CG form – even though the final product likely won’t look as good.

Also, Ubisoft announced a partnership with eye tracking developer Tobii earlier today. Players who have compatible eye sensor hardware – such as the SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker or Tobii’s EyeX – will have the option of using eye technology in conjunction with The Division.

As reported by Gamespot, HUD features such as the mini-map will be displayed as see-through when players aren’t directly fixated on them, and when players glance at the far edge of the screen, the camera will move in concert.

Most interestingly, staring at enemies will automatically target them and tag them with a marker, in something which sounds like a hands-free take on what’s become commonplace in recent Metal Gear Solid or Far Cry games.

The Division’s open beta will launch on Feb 19, with its full release due three weeks from today, on March 8.