The Division graphics mod turns visuals up to 11

The Division SweetFX

Stories of mass cheating and exploits may have grabbed the headlines following The Division’s closed beta last weekend, however some players used their hands-on time to tune up the game’s graphics. Using the SweetFX mod, the results are impressive.

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The SweetFX mod, you may recall, has been used before to create awesome “Real Life” graphics in other games such as Star Wars Battlefront. When applied to games that’re already pretty well-endowed on the looks front, SweetFX creates some mouthwatering results.

YouTube fellow Xenthor Xi showcased the mod when applied to The Division that looks best set at 1440p/60fps. Xenthor Xi doesn’t mention specifics as to what sort of setup they’re operating on, but you can bet it’s not done on the cheap.

Anyway, enough from me. Here’s a look at the mod in action firstly at night, followed by daylight hours:

As a result of all the hacks, cheats and exploits, The Division closed beta ran an extra day into this week, however has now closed. If a leaked Xbox Italy image turns out to be legitimate, the game’s open beta will launch later this month. Watch this space.

Either way, The Division’s full release is scheduled for March 8.