The Division underground trailer showcases deadly new area not included in beta

The Division underground area

Some new footage of The Division has emerged out of the IGN First program, who are running all month with exclusives on the game. It showcases an underground area, mapping the bandit-infested sewers and ex-subway tunnels of New York. Naturally, you’ll be heading down there to collect loot, kill bosses and be told to keep doing what you’re doing by civilian bystanders. If only they know how you spent your off hours, shooting innocent noobies in the back for a meagre amount of experience points and the last pack of Nik-Naks in the western hemisphere, eh?

The Division is quickly climbing up my personal most anticipated upcoming PC games list.

There’s a little more verticality to the area, as well as offering longer range combat without a straight route from one battle line to the other, shooting at each other across a couple of bridges.

Looks rather good, I think, and a nice counter-point to the more open city areas. They’ve managed to make top-side Manhattan look and feel claustrophobic in their post-money apocalypse, but delving into the sewers here is the real deal. Not so sure about that boss fight at the end, that’s a lot of pumping bullets into what looks like an ordinary human wearing a rather large coat. One of the places where The Division’s more contemporary setting hinders it, I think, versus the massive robot-spirits of Destiny.

This area won’t be available until launch, not even in the upcoming Division open beta, so you’ll have to wait to explore it yourself. If you missed it, by the way, Ubisoft promised fixes for the various hacks, cheats and glitches that were running wild in the most recent closed beta.

Thanks, IGN.