The Division beta starts January 29th on PC, runs just for the weekend


Update 15th Jan, 2016: The Division’s beta has now been officially announced for January 29th on PC.

Ubisoft have officially announced that The Division’s beta period will run the weekend of the 29th. It starts on the 28th for Xbox One players, but we and those Playstation-goers will have to wait until the next day.

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Here’s the tweet confirming it all:

The use of the word ‘beta’ for what is all of three days of access a month before release might be a little bit of a stretch. People who go to test it will have an impact on the quality of the final game but it’s mostly going to be in terms of server capacity. If stable launches or previews are your jam, head over this way to sign up, up grab a pre-order for guaranteed access.

Original Story 12 Jan, 2016:Will The Division ever find its way out of the murky waters of uncertainty? Who knows, but an alleged email exchange between a customer and a games retailer suggests it’s heading for closed beta at the end of this month.

I actually think Dave’s maths might be right here, given just how long The Division has been A Thing That Exists in my head, and also how many times we’ve been told it’ll be a thing that exists on our PCs.

Well, this might, justmight, be changing if a purported customer-retailer email exchange – published by Reddit user Immortan_Joe9 – is to be believed. The supposed correspondence involves UK games retailer FunStock Digital whereby a representative is quoted saying in relation to The Division: “The closed beta starts on the 29th January. We will be receiving and distributing the keys in the next 2 weeks before the beta starts.”

According to follow-up emails as part of the same conversation, the rep says “that is what we have been told by the supplier” when asked if January 29 is the beta release date or simply what appears on the retailer’s system.

Beyond a tentative “early 2016” label, Ubisoft have failed to suggest an official beta start, however keys can be picked up for the next two days via the latest Humble Weekly Bundle.

The Division is due for release on March 8. Unless it’s delayed further still. In which case apply Dave’s aforementioned maths.