The Division’s new trailer showcases the PC version, with all its bells and whistles, at 60fps

The Division

If you were worried The Division wasn’t going to look really, really good on PC, this latest trailer will make you a believer.  

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The new trailer for The Division is a visual showcase: volumetric fog, dynamic global illumination, real time destruction, convincing snowflakes and real time reflection are all shown off in the tech demo quality trailer. See it running at 60fps in the trailer below:

From the neon glow of a gaudy building to a distant explosion illuminating the nearby tower block, there’s clearly been a lot of time spent making sure the PC version looks as good as it can – assuming you’ve got a capable machine, of course.

It’s impressive what the Snowdrop engine can do, and it’ll only be a good thing if we see it being used in other Ubisoft games in the future, as suggested by Ubisoft Massive’s head of IP recently.

We’ll be able to see if the finished thing lives up to the trailer when The Division releases on March 8.