The Division’s open beta patch adds new mission while infographic reveals billions spent on helicopters

The Division Rioters

It’s all-go all-the-time in the world of The Division as Ubisoft open the floodgates on updates, info and trailers ahead of open beta later this month and release a little further down the line. They’ve pushed an update to the PS4 version, revealing what’s changed from closed to open beta, given us an infographic on what everyone got up to last time and released a new trailer showing off the various forms of men-with-guns you’ll be dealing with.

In case you missed it, Ubisoft denied that The Division was ‘held back’ by consoles.

First up, those patch notes. There’s a lengthier run-down on NeoGAF, but here’s the highlights:

  • New mission, Subway Morgue, available. Features the new fire-obsessed Cleaner enemies in a mass grave. You’re there to turn the power back on, rather than because it seems like a nice place for a holiday.
  • A new wing available in the base of operations that unlocks a new skill, the deployable turret, as seen in many a trailer.
  • The Dark Zone gives greater rewards, less often, with more numerous and harder enemies.
  • New and improved tutorial.
  • Variety of bug fixes, minor improvements and other bits.

So, once you hit the open beta you’ll have another bit of story to explore ahead of the main game, and your Dark Zone experience should be quite different from what you may have seen or played in the CBT. The larger influx of players will affect it too, and it should play more like the release version in that regard. Hopefully the servers can keep up, though fixing them when they can’t is the point of an open beta.

As for the last test, everyone who took part got up to a lot of playin’, killin’, shootan’ and door-closin’. Ubisoft have released this massive infographic, including revealing that one player managed to stay logged in for three quarters of the 120 hours the beta was available for.

The Division beta infographic

Some points of comparison:

  • A country populated by all the people killed in The Division over a four day period would be the fourth largest in the world, just behind the United States. Alternatively, they could take Germany, the UK and France out for dinner and still have money left over to treat Norway to dessert.
  • More than enough bullets fired to take out the population of the Earth twice over.
  • That number of choppers would cost £853,466,040,000 / $1,234,794,666,672before fuel. Roughly.

Hooray for statistics. Here’s that faction trailer, in case you missed it when Joe posted it yesterday:

“We’re here to save what’s left” say the members of The Division as they toss hand-grenades at perfectly usable cars. I mean, look, I’m all for explosions, but lets not get hypocritical about why we’re doing what we’re doing. Kill the bad guys, take their stuff, build a big base – we ain’t saving anything, we’re becoming warlords. At least that’s my roleplay.

The Division’s PC open beta kicks off on February 19th. If I can drag myself away from the other 90 games I want to be playing, I’ll be taking part. How about you?