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Elder Scrolls Oblivion remake gets huge new gameplay reveal

Elder Scrolls Oblivion remake Skyblivion which rebuilds the Bethesda RPG game in Skyrim has hours of new gameplay as we await the Elder Scrolls 6 release date.

Elder Scrolls Oblivion remake gets huge new gameplay reveal. A fantasy warrior in golden elf armour from Bethesda RPG game Elder Scrolls Oblivion

The upcoming Elder Scrolls Oblivion remake Skyblivion, which takes every location, character, and quest from the classic Bethesda RPG game, and rebuilds them using the engine and tech from Skyrim, has a massive four hours of fresh gameplay footage, offering a tantalising look at the ambitious mod as we anticipate more official news on the Elder Scrolls 6 release date.

Confirmed for launch in 2025, Skyblivion is a full remake of the iconic, 2006 open-world game, taking the entire land of Cyrodiil and moving it over to the improved tech powering Skyrim. It looks, frankly, remarkable, combining the lustrous visuals and bright colours of Elder Scrolls 4 with the smoother animations, improved UI, and dynamic lighting and weather tech of its 2011 successor.

This, from what I can tell, is the ideal Elder Scrolls hybrid – the prettiest world in Bethesda’s fantasy series, mixed with the best engine, technology, and gameplay features. Elder Scrolls 6 might be a ways off, especially as Bethesda throws everything behind the upcoming Starfield release date, but Skyblivion looks like the perfect game to play in the meantime. Check out the full gameplay footage below.

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There’s a lot to pick out here, but one of my personal favourite parts comes at around three hours, 20 minutes, when the Skyblivion development team finds a little picnic blanket, littered with bits of food. “It took me a couple of days to make that cheese,” says one of the team, illustrating the minutiae of Oblivion’s world, and the effort that’s gone into rebuilding it all. You heard it here first. Skyblivion has detailed cheese.

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