The open beta for free-to-play card battler The Elder Scrolls: Legends is available now

Elder Scrolls legends

During QuakeCon 2016, Bethesda announced the launch of the PC open beta for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, a free-to-play card game based on your favourite TES characters, like the guy with the plasticine face, the cat woman, beard giant and that other dude. 

That gives you something different to plug away at, but when you’re done, our list of the best free PC games is waiting right here.

“Featuring innovative and strategic two lane gameplay, an epic single player campaign, and several multiplayer modes versus AI or live opponents, The Elder Scrolls: Legends offers accessible gameplay for beginners who want to get started quickly, while providing strategic depth to keep expert players engaged,” says the official release.

I think that’s all pretty accurate, as our Ben and Jordan enjoyed it when they had a crack, and Ben is a massive Blizzard shill. Here’s a video of them playing:

Jordan also wrote a great feature, asking if it was just a game for Elder Scroll fans or whether it was exciting for card game fans in general.

Anyone interested can now download the open beta for free over on