Don’t expect any new Elder Scrolls games for a “very long time”

There may be no honour among thieves, but there will be shared XP.

If your appetite is strong when it comes to Bethesda RPGs, then you’ve got a massive slice of role-playing cake coming with Fallout 4 very soon. But if you’re a devout swords-n-sorcery kinda person, then prepare for a wait: there’s going to be no Elder Scrolls announcements any time soon. 

Talking to Dualshockers, Bethesda’s Pete Hines said it is going to be a “very long time” until the company starts to talk about anything that’s not Fallout 4 or the MMO Elder Scrolls Online. Getting Fallout 4 finished, and all the support for DLC and modding, is the studio’s priority now, and they won’t be talking about further projects for a while yet.

This is pretty unsurprising; Bethesda are a studio that focus on a single game for a very long time, with a lengthy tail period after launch. Plus, the company has been quite pleased with the reaction from announcing Fallout 4 very late in development, so could even adopt a similar approach for their next game. So for new games – Elder Scrolls or otherwise – dial your hopes right down to low single-figures for the time being.

Thanks, VG247.