Elder Scrolls Online trailer gives first look at Thieves Guild expansion with new zone and 12-player trials

TESO thieves guild

Thieves Guild, The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming DLC pack, lets you join Tamriel’s elusive shadow-snuggling crew of pickpockets, burglars and general ne’er do wells. The latest trailer gives you a taste of what you’ll be getting up to.

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Announced today via anofficial blog post, the latest DLCwill come in two parts – the Thieves Guild expansion and a base game patch, which brings with it scrolling combat text and a new 64-bit client for PC and Mac, among a number of other technical features. Here’s the guild itself (very briefly) in action:

When the expansion arrives, you’ll assume the role of new recruit at the Thieves Guild, where you’ll take the streets of new area Hew’s Bane which includes Abah’s Landing, your new employer’s HQ.

Expect “hours” of new quests and story, and cosmetic upgrades such as new costumes, motifs and item sets specific to the guild.

Maw of Lorkhaj is a new 12-player trial that sounds most interesting, but there’s little else to go on as yet bar the name.

Likewise, there’s no news of a release date or pricing just yet, although new information is apparently coming “very soon”. The blog post also concludes by suggesting we “be on the lookout for more articles starting next week.” We surely will before reporting back to you.