The Elder Scrolls Online update 11 brings two new Argonian dungeons as DLC

ESO Update 11

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to expand and the latest patch comes packaged with a DLC pack for two new dungeons. Both are Argonian themed, with everybody’s favourite fish-men both requesting your help and needing to be slain for their evil-doings.

Time for a new MMO? Here’s our favourites.

You can see the primer for one of them above, Ruins of Mazzatun, where the Xit-Xaht tribe (this is the silliest name I’ve ever seen in games, and I love it) has been enslaving other Lizardfolk in their ‘Puzzle City.’ You have to, y’know, go in, be the hero, save the people, probably kill those giant orange monsters.

The other is Cradle of Shadows, where the Dark Brotherhood hires you to help against a “cadre of rogue assassins” who want to cause chaos in the Argonian homeland. You’ve gotta get in, find what they’re doing, stop it and get out.

The DLC, which is available either on its own or as part of the subscription service, comes along with a free patch for everyone that rebalances various odds ‘n’ ends. You can read about it over on the official site. All this content is available now, so jump in and get fish-helping/hunting.

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