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One Tamriel removes factions from The Elder Scrolls Online's PvE and makes the whole world accessible

Update Jun 14, 2016: Bethesda have clarified several elements of One Tamriel.

In a big blog post, Besthesda have explained exactly how One Tamriel will work. They've also revealed that their 7 million player figure is the number of people who have created accounts and played the game since launch - not counting free trials or beta players.

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Here's exactly how One Tamriel works:

  • Level scaling will work the same way it currently does for DLC areas.
  • This opens up the entire world to be explored in any order.
  • This also works with groups, meaning any two characters can play together once they've finished the tutorial.
  • The three PvE alliances are no more, meaning players can group with anyone from any faction, and all quests can be attempted by any character. This doesn't apply to PvP.
  • While lower level players will be scaled up, higher level players will have more abilities, better gear and other benefits from actually levelling up.
  • Rewards also scale appropriately
  • Dungeons and trials will also scale, but veteran modes will only be accessible by veteran players

All this information was posted by Matt Firor on the official TESO blog, making sure that all the information got across despite the short time given in the press conference.

Original story Jun 13, 2016: The Elder Scrolls Online is getting upgraded once again. After launching to lacklustre reception and mild unpopularity, it's been improved and worked upon by a dedicated team over many years. The next is taking a big step - the whole world will now be explorable at any level. This means that not only can you play with anyone you like, but after a short tutorial experience, you can go wherever you want.

A similar system is coming to the next WoW expansion, but on a much smaller scale and in a more awkward way. This is exactly the sort of freedom that fans of previous Elder Scrolls games expect, and that lack of similarity between the namesakes has proved problematic in the past.

The announcement came partnered with a celebration video of the previous updates for the game, seen below.

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When exactly One Tamriel will be launching hasn't been announced though it should be coming soon, as The Dark Brotherhood, has now launched on all platforms. You can see a few more details in the official stream archive.

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AnAuldWolf avatarQDP2 avatarWhiteCrow avatarJenks avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

I love them for this. They keep making ballsy moves that remind me of why I loved Champions Online before bad balancing teams pretty much killed off that game by making it not fun to play. ESO is just doing Champs but better, their balancing is spot on, and every change has been a change for the better. Quite consistently.

This means that a person entering the game has so much more content immediately available to them than they would in any other. And it just fits with what they've been doing with the DLC. Champs was heading this way before it crashed and burned.

Also, the minimalising of MMO elements in ESO is almost beautiful, to its merit. Instead of bars and bars with numbers upon numbers so that people who like to watch numbers grow can fap to watching numbers grow which isn't particularly fun to me even though I happen to like numbers. I get tired of this crap with ROLE PLAYING games, which seems to have forgotten the roles and the playing, and the playing of the roles. Instead opting for anally retentive spreadsheeting. The deconstruction of this and distillation into a few simple skill trees which can all be chosen freely out of at any time, thus to simplify builds and make things easy for everyone to understand? That actually is quite beautiful.

Again, Champs was trying to do this, but failing.

ESO just continues to succeed at everything Champs tried to do, but failed. The only thing left for them to do is to make armours cosmetic and to greatly increase the cosmetic options. And to a degree, with the 'outfits' system, you can have that to a degree. But it feels like a baby step toward something much bigger. If everything were cosmetic, I feel ESO would work so much better. Just an opinion, but there you go. You could grab a dungeon armour bit and then just paint it up in the crafting style of your choice. That'd be rad.

But yes. They're so close to achieving that dream CO had, but never realised. They are doing so, so much right.

QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

There wasn't many changes in the early days that could have made the game worse XD

In all seriousness though, the game is great fun to play. I personally haven't spent the time to complete the quest line yet, and I found PVP didn't really work as an under-leveled character. Still a game I was happy to invest money into DLC for, knowing that I will come back some day (quite possibly now, if not the release of One Tamriel). I do still hope they slow down on development for ESO, to allow room for the production of ES6 (or is it 7 now?). Still prefer the single player gameplay at the heart of the game, which unfortunately no amounts of updates will bring it upto its single player competition (too many technical limitations to hit the gameplay of aiming arrows for example).

WhiteCrow Avatar
1 Year ago

You're absolutely right about the lack of playing roles in modern MMO's, and you've really convinced me to take a look at ESO. I've mainly been investing time into Overwatch lately, but I still need an MMO to relax with and play that "long game". ESO just may fill that role for me.

The trend of spreadsheets and neurotic min/maxing has made me sick with MMO culture, so if ESO alleviates that or attempts to take a different approach, I'm all for it.

Jenks Avatar
1 Year ago

WoW has copied most of its competitors features since the beginning, I'm hoping they steal this too. Horde and Alliance not being able to group or even communicate in PVE hasn't made sense for a very long time.