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The Elder Scrolls Online’s Imperial City is now open for business

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City DLC launch

The Elder Scrolls Online has had a big gap in it since it launched: The Imperial City, lying at the heart of Cyrodiil. Filled with demons, it’s been off-limits, but today that’s all changed.

With the launch of the now subscriptionless MMOs first DLC pack, players (at least those who drop some cash on it or are ESO Plus members) can now explore the derelict capital and fight their way through it. 

“The Imperial City is special,” say Bethesda. “Not only because it’s our first DLC, but because it’s a huge milestone for us as a studio. We are now able to shift our focus from business model changes and console launch to creating new, meaningful content. It’s the first of many new quarterly DLC game packs, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

As you take the fight to Molag Bal, here’s what you’ll be getting up to:

  • All new content, available to players that are level 10 or higher
  • A brand new PvP/PvE space that includes six Imperial City Districts
  • New story content, quests, and characters within the Imperial City
  • A new Imperial City PvP Public Dungeon: The Imperial Sewers
  • Two new PvE Imperial City group dungeons with Normal and Veteran versions: White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison
  • 23 new item sets that scale up to Veteran Rank 16
  • New Imperial City collectibles, including pets, polymorphs, and a skin, earned by participating in Imperial City activities
  • The Xivkyn racial motif crafting style
  • The Tel Var Stone system used for the purchase of Veteran gear
  • Trophy Vaults that contain new Veteran Rank 16 jewelry sets and a chance for Xivkyn racial motif pages

To get to The Imperial City, just follow these instructions on the official site and then you’ll be able to continue doing your thing, which no doubt will involve a lot of killing.