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Visit Murkmire for the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest expansion, now live

ESO players can finally head to the Argonian homeland today, with the launch of the new Murkmire DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online

A new expansion arrived in The Elder Scrolls Online yesterday, as players finally get the chance to head to the home of the reptilian Argonians. As well as opening up a brand-new location for players to explore, the game’s Murkmire update comes with up to ten hours of story content tasking you with uncovering an ancient relic.

The headline feature of the Murkmire DLC is the new zone it offers. Located on the southern coast of Blackmarsh, the Argonian homeland is full of dense jungles, humid swamps, and Imperial ruins. Those ruins will be particularly important, as Murkmire’s main quest sends you on a journey to recover an Argonian relic.

There’s also the addition of the Blackrose prison, a legendary penal colony hidden deep within Murkmire. There, you’ll find the monstrous Blackguard gang, and if you want to prove your worth, a new challenge. The prison features a four-player arena mode – if you and your squad survive the challenges the gauntlet throws at you, you’ll earn powerful new weapons and item sets.

There are also plenty of quality-of-life changes in the latest DLC. The housing editor has been improved to allow you edit entire sections of your home at once. Elsewhere, you’ll be able to re-order your characters on the character-select screen, and Bethesda is also working to balance sustain across all classes.

To get a closer look at the Argonian homeworld before you drop into the new expansion, check out our Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire review. If you’re an ESO Plus member, you can already play for free. For everyone else, you’ll be able to buy the new DLC from the game’s Crown Store instead.