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The Elder Scrolls Online is giving out free DLC, so don’t miss out

You can get The Elder Scrolls Online Clockwork City DLC and plenty more goodies for free as the ESO tenth anniversary celebrations continue.

The Elder Scrolls Online gives out free DLC to celebrate its tenth anniversary - A man raises his arms into the air, looking skyward.

While The Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t likely to appear any time soon as Bethesda focuses its attention on Starfield, Zenimax Online Studios is continuing to deliver plenty of Tamriel-themed delights in The Elder Scrolls Online. With the launch of its new chapter Gold Road now in the rear view mirror, the team is continuing to celebrate ten years of ESO with a big celebration running through the whole of July. Alongside plenty of other goodies, you can even snag some free ESO DLC, so don’t miss your chance.

Whether you’re diving in to check out the best new features in ESO Gold Road or starting out for the first time, the July roadmap for the MMORPG is packed with events and bonuses to keep you coming back. This upcoming month is a great time to begin your adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online, or even level a new character thanks to experience boosts and other activities.

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The Elder Scrolls Online login rewards for July give you a range of items for checking in regularly, but you won’t need to come back often to get its best reward. Log in just twice throughout July and you’ll get the Clockwork City DLC for free, giving you access to the stunning mechanical area.

There, you’ll be embroiled in the Daedric war, tasked with saving the city in a questline that follows on from the beloved 2002 Elder Scrolls classic Morrowind. You’ll encounter some old acquaintances, take on a pair of delves, and a special trial that rewards a unique weapon station. You’ll also get access to the only in-world Transmute Station, if you don’t have one in your house.

The Elder Scrolls Online - July Roadmap for the ten-year anniversary celebrations.

Beyond that, there are plenty more goodies up for grabs, including Wild Hunt Crown Crates, Seals of Endeavor, a stylish stained-glass monocle, and a hefty heap of Gold to top up your coffers. There’s lots more on the go, too, including PvP events and a double XP week that’s perfect for leveling a new character.

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