Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor release date confirmed for late May, following delay

The devs add that you should "wash your damn hands"

April 28, 2020 ZeniMax Online’s confirmed the Greymoor Elder Scrolls Online chapter is delayed until May 26.

The next The Elder Scrolls Online Chapter, Greymoor, was initially due to launch on PC on May 18. But that release date has now been pushed back to May 26 for PC players, following the online RPG game’s developers’ move to working from home in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Despite the challenges,” the studio says in a post on the MMORPG game’s site, “we are still on track for Update 26 and the Greymoor Chapter to launch only one week late. Now that Update 26 is on the PTS (check it out!), we are confident that we will be able to launch Tuesday, May 26 on PC/Mac.” It’s worth noting, however, that “this of course could change if something happens outside of our control,” the studio adds.

“Remember, we haven’t launched a major ESO update while working remotely before, and unforeseen problems can and do crop up.” The delay means that Greymoor’s release will only be just over a week after its original launch date, so players won’t have to wait too much longer than anticipated to get their teeth into the new adventure.

In addition to this news, the studio says that due to huge numbers of players diving into the game of late – more than “at any point since 2015” – and no sign of this decreasing, it’s now added more server capacity to PC in EU to help the game keep “holding up under the strain of so much activity”.

ZeniMax also adds that it’s continuing to “hunt down and fix performance problems and work on both client and server optimisations, some of which are going live with Update 26”, with an update on this to follow in the studio’s next monthly performance post. Additionally, the post says “wash your damn hands”. Inspirational advice for us all.

We got a closer look at Greymoor gameplay recently – you can follow that link for a breakdown of what to expect.

Additional reporting by Dustin Bailey.