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The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a card game minigame

Zenimax Online Studios has revealed a CCG is headed to its sprawling MMORPG later this year

It’s a big day for The Elder Scrolls Online. Zenimax Online Studios has just unveiled the MMORPG’s next chapter, High Isle, along with its new year-long adventure, Legacy of the Bretons, in its 2022 reveal livestream. Among all the details on what’s to come in the months ahead – which is a lot – there’s some exciting news for those fans who enjoy kicking back in-game and rattling through some decks. That’s because there’s a collectible card game coming to the MMO this year.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s CCG is called Tales of Tribute, and it’s played entirely within the game – think The Witcher 3’s Gwent rather than the standalone app. “You’re generally going to be able to play it anywhere,” creative director Rich Lambert explains in the livestream (below). “You”ll find it in taverns throughout Tamriel, you can also just go up to somebody and challenge them directly, or you can find a match in the group UI.”

Additionally, there’s a storyline you can advance by taking on certain NPCs found throughout Tamriel. Tales of Tribute also has its own ranking system, so you can battle it out against other players if you like. So, there’ll be both single-player and multiplayer offerings.

To get stuck in, you first play through a tutorial, which unlocks four starter decks. As you explore the game’s world and complete quests, you’ll start discovering and unlocking new Patron decks to bolster your collection, as well as “unique individual upgraded cards”.

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Tales of Tribute is a resource-building game in which both players try to reach the set victory point goal. There are various methods to approach this, as you’d expect. There are Patron cards “to curry favour; to help you advance through it”, for example. “It’s all about strategy rather than combat,” Lambert explains. Rewards won’t just include things tied directly to the card game itself – there are goodies like cosmetics, furnishings, gold, and crafting materials (such as transmute stones) to earn.

“You’re not going to be at a disadvantage if you’re playing someone who’s already unlocked all the cards, all the upgrade cards, because at the start of the game you pick two decks to put into play and your opponent picks two decks, they’re shuffled together, and you both play from that same common deck.”

Lambert explains that the devs will have much more to share on this new CCG system closer to High Isle’s launch, so keep a weather eye out if you’re keen to know more.